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Maximum Cells : 18650 39 / 40 / 50 / 52 pcs
Charge port : DC2.1
Configurations : 13S3P / 10S4P / 10S5P / 13S4P
Discharge port : 6 Pin
Rate ( Ah ) : 7.8
LED indicator : 5 LED
Battery Materials : PC+ABS
Voltage ( V ) : 36
Power ( Wh ) : 280.8

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the dimension of your device.
Als deutsche Niederlassung eines großen Akkuherstellers verkaufen wir Ihnen absolute Neuware direkt aus unserem Werk in China.

The part Compatible models of this battery are as follows

Denver Bike
CITY Bike E2000RM,
CITY Bike E4000RM,
CITY Bike E4400RM,
CITY Bike E4500RM,
CITY Bike E4600RM,
CITY Bike E8000RM,
CITY Bike E8100RM

Brite Long Range E Bike – 20″ wheels

Txed El Amsterdam Cargo F,
Txed E-Times City 8000HT belt,
Txed E-Times City 8000HDM,
Txed E-Times City 6000HDM,
Txed E-Times City 6000HBM,
Txed E-Times City 8000HT,
Txed Amsterdam Cargo ,
Txed Folding TN6 X9,
Txed E Times City 4500HV,
Txed E Times City 4600DV,
Txed E-Times City 8620FM NX7,
Txed Quick Delivery I,
Txed Quick Delivery II,
Txed E Times City 8000H,
Txed E Times City 8000H NX7,
Txed E Times City 8000BR,
Txed E Times City 8200BR,
Txed E Times City 8000BM,
Txed E Cargo TR01,
Txed E Times City 8100SM,
Txed E Times City 8300SM

Wayscral Everyway E-carrier 28″,
Wayscral Everyway E300 28″ / 24″,
Wayscral Everyway E100 26″,
Wayscral Folding Electric Bike Takeaway E100 20″,
Wayscral Everyway E200 24″ / 28″,
Wayscral Everyway E200N Electric City Bike 28″

The brand names/trademarks/trade names specified are registered properties of their respective owners.

Notes on shipping

Shipping only within Germany!
Due to the EU dangerous goods directive, we are obliged to send e-bike batteries as dangerous goods .
Unfortunately, parcel shipping of dangerous goods is currently only possible within Germany .

Weight 2.5 kg
Please Select Rate (Ah)

7.80Ah, 10.40Ah, 13.0Ah


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